Branka Likić


RESEARCH AND TEACHING POSITION: Associate Professor/Professor Designate, REMESO – Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Department of Social and Welfare Studies, Linköping University.

ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE: Ethnicity and migration

SCIENTIFIC FIELD: Political science

BRANCH OF SCIENCE: Social sciences

AREA(S) OF RESEARCH AND INTEREST: globalisation and the political economy of post-socialist transformations; EU enlargement, informal economy, new migrations and the European Social Model; global governance, migrants’ rights and ‘decent work’; comparative studies on citizenship and immigrant integration.

TELEPHONE +46 (0)11 3636 45/ +46 (0)700 896371

E-MAIL: Branka



2003 Ph.D. Economic History, Department of Economic History, Uppsala University.

1988 M.Phil. Degree in General Economic Theory, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.

1979 Bachelor of Science, Business Economics, Marketing Program, Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo.


Edited Books

Schierup, C-U., B. Likic-Brboric, R. Delgado Wise and G. Toksöz eds. (2019 forthcoming) Migration, civil society and global governance, London: Routledge.

Schierup, C-U., R. Munck, B. Likic-Brboric and A. Neergaard eds. (2015) Migration, Precarity, and Global Governance: Challenges and Opportunities for Labour, Oxford: Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-019-872886-3).

Bennich-Björkman, L., R. Kostic and B. Likic-Brboric eds (2016) Citizens at Heart? Perspectives on integration of refugees in the EU after the Yugoslav wars of succession, Uppsala Multiethnic Papers 56, Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala: Uppsala University (ISBN 978-91-86531-12-6).

Berggren, E., B. Likic-Brboric, G. Toksöz and N. Trimikliniotis (eds) (2007) Irregular Migration, Informal Labour and Community: A Challenge for Europe, Maastricht: Shaker Publishing (ISBN 978-90-423-0317-1).

Single-authored Book

Likic-Brboric, B. (2003) Democratic Governance in the Transition from Yugoslav Self-Management to a Market Economy. The Case of the Slovenian Privatization Debates 1990-1992, Uppsala: Uppsala Studies in Economic History No. 69, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 321 p. (ISBN 91-554-5787-8).

International Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (selecton)

Likić-Brborić B. (2018) “Global migration governance, civil society and the paradoxes of sustainability,” Globalizations, Vol.15, No. 6. DOI: 10.1080/14747731.2018.1503841

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Book Chapters (selected)

Likic Brboric, B. and L. Bennich-Björkman (2016) “Swedish ‘Exceptionalism’ and the Integration of Refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 1990s: Acceptance and Strategies of Citizenship”, in L. Bennich-Björkman et al. (eds) Citizens at Heart? Perspectives on integration of refugees in the EU after the Yugoslav wars of succession, Uppsala Multiethnic Papers 56, Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala: Uppsala University, pp. 89-116.

Likic Brboric, B. and Schierup, C-U. (2015) “Labour Rights as Human Rights? Trajectories in the Global Governance of Migration”, in Schierup et al. Migration, Precarity, and Global Governance: Challenges and Opportunities for Labour, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 223-244.

TEACHING ACTIVITIES: REMESO Graduate School Coordinator; Course Director: undergraduate courses (Theory and method in social and cultural analysis; New social Movements); master courses (Inclusion, citizenship, exclusion; Globalization, labour migration and class; Scientific presentation and method) graduate courses (Theories and politics of international migration; Migration and labour, Globalization, migration and development).

SCHOLARSHIP AND STUDY VISITS: University of Cambridge, Faculty of Economics and Politics; Ljubljana University, Economic Institute, Faculty of Law, Slovenia; Faculty of Economics, Sarajevo University, Bosnia-Hercegovina; Department of Social Work, Vilnius University, Lithuania; Critical Development Studies at Zacatecas University, Mexico; African Centre for Migration and Society, Witwatersrand University, South Africa.

MOST IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC COOPERATIONS: MIGLINK – Swedish Research Links, The Swedish Research Council, a collaborative research project with Ankara University (Turkey) and University of Zacatecas Mexico; IMILCO (International Migration, Informal Labour and Community in Europe), Swedish-Turkish research collaboration initiative between NIWL (National Institute for Working Life, Norrköping), REMESO and MURCIR (Marmara University Research Center for International Relations).

MEMBERSHIPS: NMR Network (Nordic Migration Research Network/Steering Board 2014-2018; INMD (International Network on Migration and Development), APSA (American Political Science Association ); ESA (European Sociological Association); SWEPSA (Swedish Political Science Association).